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We stock 3 products made by Philips and products for 44 devices, divided into 8 families: Faxjet, Laserfax, Magic, PPF, PTW, SRC, VW and Other devices

Faxjet (7 devices)

Laserfax (5 devices)

Magic (9 devices)

PPF (6 devices)

PTW (4 devices)

SRC (1 device)

VW (4 devices)

Other devices (8 devices)

Products (3 products)

£10.00 £8.33 ex. VAT
Philips PFA-421 Fax Ink Cartridge Original

One only available

  Black 500 pages 2.0p per page
£60.00 £50.00 ex. VAT
Philips PFA721 Toner Original
  Black 1,000 pages 6.0p per page
£36.00 £30.00 ex. VAT
Philips PFA-731 Fax Toner LPF820 LPF825 LPF855 Original
  Black 5,000 pages 0.7p per page