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We stock 1 product made by Citizen and products for 156 devices, divided into 19 families: CBM, CDS, CMB, CMP, CT, CX, DP, ECR, GSX, H, HQP, IDP, IR, LSP, MD, MSP, Prodot, Swift and Other devices

CBM (17 devices)

CDS (6 devices)

CMB (1 device)

CMP (1 device)

CT (2 devices)

CX (24 devices)

DP (20 devices)

ECR (1 device)

GSX (8 devices)

(2 devices)

HQP (2 devices)

IDP (28 devices)

IR (6 devices)

LSP (4 devices)

MD (2 devices)

MSP (1 device)

Prodot (4 devices)

Swift (22 devices)

Other devices (5 devices)

Products (1 product)

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